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Blessing in Disguise for women in Malawi

Pathfinder is proud to support Melbourne based charity organisation, Blessing In Disguise, who recently celebrated the first graduation of students from their Tailoring College in Malawi, Africa.

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JUTEC continues to expand globally

Based in Rastede, Germany, JUTEC GmbH has been a leader in heat protection products since 1987. Applications cover industries affected by contact or radiation heat ranging from 200°C to 3,000°C. Pathfinder cutting machines are helping JUTEC to realise global expansion.

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New technologies for 2019

Pathfinder is launching a world first technology in 2019 that will change the way people will think about automated cutting!

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Pattern Matching made simple

Perfectly match your pattern repeats and get the most out of your rolls of fabric with Pathfinders’ suite of Pattern Matching solutions. Any of the range of Pathfinder Single-Ply or Multi-Ply cutters can be fitted with either Pattern Matching (PM) and/or Adaptive Pattern Matching (APM) software.

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Cutting the future

Cutting shapes out of expensive materials is a core business task in the Composites Industry – with potential hidden costs. Curiously, many manufacturers continue to employ out-dated technology when cutting expensive composite materials and rely heavily on “some guys cutting with box cutters and scissors”.

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Still cutting samples by hand….really?

A Pathfinder automatic cutter will release your highly paid designers from the labour of scissors and chalk! A Pathfinder L-Series (low-ply) cutter fitted with a felt bed and high speed driven knife make easy work of a broad range of fashion and apparel materials.

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Australian Cutting Technology reaches 20 year milestone!

When John Hollo and Ross Kaigg built their first Pathfinder cutting machine back in 1997 they ‘built it to last’. Since that time their company, Pathfinder Cutting Technology, has grown to the point where they now command 90% of the Australian market and have installed hundreds of machines across every continent.

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