The Gordon Launches Advanced Composites Training Centre

Nov 21, 2018

Images courtesy of The Gordon

Australia’s first course dedicated to composites manufacturing.

The Gordon’s new Advanced Manufacturing and Composite Centre (AMACC) will deliver Australia’s first course dedicated to working with the emerging and revolutionary industry of composite manufacturing. Once a space dedicated to tool making, AMACC has been completely overhauled and repurposed to meet the demands of using carbon fibre, processes and technologies required to learn about these dynamic new materials and their ability to advance engineering needs for future applications.

“Being part of a great initiative from a globally respected training organisation was an opportunity not to be missed” said Pathfinder CEO, John Hollo. “Composites manufacturing is allowing for some exciting new products and technologies to emerge and it gives me great pride to know that some of them will be created thanks to a Pathfinder automated cutter!”

Mastery of equipment and materials

The course will cover the basic chemistry involved in the development of polymer matrices as well as workplace health and safety effects of working with carbon fibre composites and waste disposal issues and will also provide an understanding of variables contributing to quality control during the manufacture of products using carbon fibre.

AMACC gives students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge focused on the different processes used for the manufacture of products using carbon fibres, including moulding processes using vacuum and pressure assisted techniques for the manufacture of composite components.

This initiative underpins the emerging industry of composite manufacturing and its opportunities by skilling a new workforce in a new industry using new materials.