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The L-Series range of 12 models come with a host of features as standard and can be optioned up to deliver solutions to even the most demanding application.

L-series cutting machine



12 Models – Fast, accurate cutting

The L-Series delivers a reliable and highly productive conveyorised cutting system that will dramatically enhance the speed of your cutting room. Whether you are a sample maker in the fashion industry or responsible for cutting challenging composite materials, upholstery fabrics or technical textiles, the advanced technology of the L-Series cutter will give you consistent, trouble free and accurate cutting, time after time.

L-Series standard features

From Silk to Aramid

The Pathfinder range of high-precision conveyorised cutting machines are designed and manufactured to deliver the very best results. Pathfinder engineers will discuss your particular requirement and configure a solution that will be perfectly tailored to your production environment. The Pathfinder L-Series comes standard with the folllowing:

  • Windows® operating system
  • PathCut® cutter operating software
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Utility drawer
  • Digital vacuum control – 2 speed
  • Vacuum Economiser® power saving function
  • Import standard industry files – DXF, HPGL, ISO RS274d, NTV, ESSI
  • Common line deletion – dynamic ‘on the fly’ calculation
  • Notch identification and alteration
  • Drill hole identification and transformation
  • Cut line proximity awareness
  • Automatic cutting window calculation- ‘Whole piece cutting’ where possible.
  • Zoom and Scroll graphic finger gesture’s
  • Piece and cut order and identification
  • Self diagnostics
  • End cut – Operator programmable
  • Cutting small pieces first – user definable
  • Pre-set cutting parameters
  • Multi-level user access – parameter protection
  • MultiCut™ queuing of nested files
  • QuickPath™ automatic cut piece ordering to reduce dry haul
  • Integration – automatic cut job queuing, cutting list status and completed marker list
  • Automatic selvedge waste cut at programmable intervals
  • Self adjusting software parameters optimising cut quality
  • Marker manipulation features, notch selection, rotation, flip, drill omission, scaling and more
  • Conveyor advance pause – automatic user definable
  • Automatic conveyor advance – distance & time user definable
  • Automatic pause at piece selected
  • Selection of pieces – do not cut
  • Automatic lay width checking
  • System history file – production cut file verification
  • Power fail re-start sequence – integrating intuitive operator prompts
  • Maintenance Manager – automatic reporting of maintenance requirements and schedule
  • Head parking – user definable
  • Units display in metric, imperial/yards and inches
  • Flaw avoidance- automatic piece movement avoiding material flaws
  • Recut – Selection of single piece or from piece number
  • Multi-language supported
  • Roll feeder (bar and cradle feeding)

Customisable for any application

A single L-Series cutter is suited to a wide variety of applications. The cutting head can be fitted with four working tools at the same time including both Round Knife and Drag Knife, Marking Tool, and a Crease, Notch or Punch tool.
Additionally there are a host of pre and post cutting productivity enhancing options for material loading, piece marking and bundling.


Automatic Nesting

Adaptive Pattern Matching

Barcode Reader

Drag Knife

Head Camera

Ink Jet

Jet Pen

LS Convert


Offload Display

Offload Printer

Offload Projector


Pattern Matching

Production Analyst

Production Manager
  • ABR (Airbrush) – non contact paint marking for difficult materials such as fibreglass
  • ANT (Automatic Nesting) – automatic pattern nesting. (Available only with PTW)
  • APM (Adaptive Pattern Matching) – Bow & Skew adjustments for stripes, motifs and pre-printed textiles
  • BCR (Barcode Reader) – automatic opening of production using barcodes
  • DRG (Drag Knife) – ultra fine cutting tool for specialty materials
  • HDC (Head Camera) – camera dynamically interacts with PathCut for Matching and other functions
  • IJP (Ink-Jet) – mounted inside the cutting head used for printing part identification
  • JTP (JetPen) – non contact high speed ink marking
  • LSC (LS Convert) – automatic conversion of native PLA & PLX file format
  • MRK (Marking) – tool holder accepting a variety of standard marking pens-seam lines/text etc.
  • OFD (Offload Display) – synchronised display of delivered cut parts
  • OFP (Offload Printer) – adhesive label (50mm x 35mm) synchronised with OFD and delivered cut parts
  • OFJ (Offload Projector) – synchronised projected display of delivered cut parts directly onto the material
  • PTW (PathWorks®) – integrated within PathCut® enabling pattern creation and nesting
  • PM (Pattern Matching) – aligns patterns across cut parts with pinpoint accuracy from any striped, plaid or motif material
  • PRA (Production Analyst) – remote access to production manager data – standalone software
  • PRM (Production Manager) – integrated production reporting