Pathfinder customers in aerospace, wind energy, and other hi-tech sectors get optimal usage of complex and costly composites and technical textiles

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What to expect


Pathworks® allows manufacturer’s using Technical Textiles to easily digitise patterns, automatically create nested markers, generate plotter/cutter outputs and collaborate with colleagues around the world.


Pathfinder conveyorised cutters offer high precision cutting in Low-Ply (L-series) and Multi-Ply (M-Series) configurations with a cutting width ranging from 1800mm (71inches) to 3900mm (153 inches).


Pathfinder offers a range of tension-free, fully or semi-automated material spreading solutions for woven and knitted fabrics. When coupled with one or more conveyorised spreading tables manufacturers have limitless production capabilities.


Unique to Pathfinder, the Punchline machine is designed for use by manufacturers utilising Pathfinder automatic knife cutting technology. Perforated paper is often required as an underlay for stabilising material and transfer of spread materials.

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What our customers say

The machine is magnificently engineered and outstanding in its performance. Management and Staff all agree that the investment in Pathfinder was a wise choice!

Alex de Waal

Managing Director, Copelands and Pickers

Six years ago we realised that we could not continue as we were and grow our business.

We reseached and investigated various computerised cutting machines. In our opinion Pathfinder came out streets ahead of anything else

Russell Holdem

Director, Flight Interiors

Both the company and its cutter convinced us right away and we decided to replace one of our machines with a Pathfinder. Since then, the cutter has been working without any problems at an average of 8-10 hours a day.

Uwe Hübner

Production Management, ZCK Carbon and Cutting Tech

The machine is almost indestructible, with very little time delay in repairs or maintenance required and is an integral part of our manufacturing process.

Betty Stallwood

Managing Director, RBM Industrial Bags

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