JUTEC continues to expand globally

Jan 22, 2019

Video courtesy of KAMA-Media

JUTEC relies on Pathfinder to realise global expansion.

Based in Rastede, Germany, JUTEC GmbH has been a leader in heat protection products since 1987. Applications cover industries affected by contact or radiation heat ranging from 200°C to 3,000°C.

JUTEC’s CEOs, Axel and Stefan Jung have built their business around an uncompromising philosophy of quality in the manufacture of products for heat protection, work safety, insulation and laser technologies.

The company of 100 staff has recently expanded into new purpose built facilities and are aiming for significant growth globally.

JUTEC products involve materials comprising glass, bonded and silicate fibres which can be difficult to cut. Preliminary cutting tests on a Pathfinder M-Series had excellent results and the company had no doubt that Pathfinder was the right choice to realise their business objectives.

JUTEC now cuts single, multi and high layer spreads faster than ever before and after the first year of installation there have been significant improvements right through to the sewing room.

“The machines reliability with these difficult materials is just brilliant” said Axel. “In terms of maintenance and service we were able to cut costs by 80%. I think the Pathfinder is a machine that’s incredibly easy to use. A short training is enough for our team to operate it, and above all, we can really rely on them operating it”.

JUTEC have already ordered a second Pathfinder cutter knowing that they will be able to rely on the technology to keep up with their ambitious expansion plans.