The machine is magnificently engineered and outstanding in its performance. Management and Staff all agree that the investment in Pathfinder was a wise choice!

Alex de Waal

Managing Director, Copelands and Pickers

Copeland & Pickers realises benefits within 4 months of installation

Copelands and Pickers (CP) celebrated 70 years of trading in 2018. Over these seven decades, the Canvas and PVC industry has come to recognise CP as an innovative, consistent and quality orientated company. It is fair to say, that its founders, George Pickers and Ces Copeland were powerful characters who have left an indelible imprint on our industry and in particular the Queensland community.

Today CP reverently protects all the positives associated with our company, whilst methodically introducing new technology, business practices, materials & products.
One of our key foci has been the process of IP retention. To address this strategic requirement, CP researched the plethora of options available and ultimately decided to proceed with the introduction of in house CAD capabilities with the acquisition of a Pathfinder Automatic cutter.

This milestone marks one of CP’s most important commitments and after only 4 months the substantive benefits are already being recognised by our customers and staff.

The investment in our Pathfinder cutter / plotter represented a substantial financial investment. The decision was not an easy one, however, once the commitment was made. Pathfinder excelled in their attention to detail and outstanding customer service, ensuring all our requirements and any concerns were addressed in a prompt, professional and efficient manner.

Throughout the process of manufacturing our Pathfinder, we were kept up to date and the installation went without a hitch. Pathfinder not only installed the machine on time and to specification, they also had two senior engineers on site for 3 days to ensure our staff where comfortable with its operation. The after sales service has also been outstanding with any issues being resolved immediately without complaint.