There is no doubt that automated cutting machines have increased production capacity and profitability for sewn-goods manufacturers. However, with larger volumes of production now riding on the operability and performance of the cutting machine, it can cause business owners an incredible amount of stress when something does go wrong.

This is where Pathfinder’s reliability and its holistic approach to the design of the M-Series make it so appealing to our customers.

The M-Series Multi-Ply Automated Cutting Machine

Easy to use

Pathfinder’s aim has always been to design the best automated cutting machine on the market. Yet, what makes our engineering more innovative than most, is anticipating the problems technological change can bring and incorporating these solutions into the overall design.

Humans are, well, only human. They get sick, resign, retire, and nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find reliable labor. To counteract these problems, employers and employees need to be versatile and multiskilled to step into other roles as the need arises. Therefore, any equipment purchased must be easy to learn, have user interfaces that feel familiar to use, and require minimal steps to operate.

This is why part of our design philosophy is that our machinery must be no harder to understand and operate than a smartphone. This approach to design is evident in the single touchscreen user interface that drives the entire cutting process and, our intuitive PathCut software that feels so familiar from the very start.

The M-Series PathCut software can be preloaded with your standard cutting presets to control the vacuum and speed of the knife so it adjusts automatically depending on the material being cut. This is not only invaluable for manufacturers that cut a multitude of materials throughout any given day or week but eliminates the need for the operator to know what settings to use for each material. Presets can be selected, then saved with the marker at the time of creation. Therefore, knowledge of vacuum and knife settings for each material isn’t required at the time of cutting. All the operator needs to do is load the marker and commence cutting.

Operating the Pathfinder M-Series is so easy that anyone can step into the role of cutting operator at a moment’s notice.


Engineering for reliability doesn’t just mean durable components but refining design so machinery will work more efficiently using fewer parts. At Pathfinder, we continually endeavor to streamline the mechanical functioning of our cutting machines. As a result, the M-Series has nearly 50% fewer moving parts than our competitors, thus ensuring problems are rare and minimal service and maintenance is required.

However, general maintenance is a core requirement for reliability and dependability in the continual operation of any piece of equipment. Machinery where maintenance is tedious to perform or access points are difficult to reach, will deter timely maintenance and even result in unnecessary breakdowns.

For this reason, all maintenance points and consumables in the M-Series are within easy access and maintenance can be performed quickly.

Reliability and dependability are also built into our range of consumables with knives, sharpening stones, and bristle blocks manufactured by Pathfinder and made to last. Quality consumables minimize downtime, maximize production capacity and save you money on endless replacements.


Prior to purchasing a cutting machine, servicing must be factored into the overall lifetime cost of the machine. At Pathfinder, our built-to-last approach is demonstrated by the affordability of Pathfinder’s easy to understand service agreements. However, we would never force you into a service agreement, or make the price of consumables excessive if you didn’t have a service agreement.

Don’t let your files be held to ransom

Be aware that many cutting machinery manufacturers encrypt your files within their proprietary software making them inaccessible outside of that particular application. At Pathfinder, we would never consider holding your files hostage to keep you as a customer.

Pathfinder feels that you should be able to share your files as you see fit. Because our software is built on Microsoft Window’s operating system, you determine how and where your files are saved. In addition, our software is compatible with all industry-standard formats, so you can work freely with other departments or businesses around the world. Sharing is simple as files can be easily found and attached to emails or downloaded.

Footprint & Versatility

Many of our customers work in conditions where space is at a premium. Pathfinder has given a great deal of thought to the size and versatility of the M-Series. This has resulted in the M-Series having the smallest footprint and greatest versatility of any cutting machine of its type today.

However, a small footprint does not make it any less capable. The M-Series can expand to cut materials up to 3.9m (153 ½”) in width and cut plies up to 100mm (3 7/8″) high under full vacuum.

And, it’s not just a multi-ply cutting machine. Due to our refined vacuum and knife control, the M-series can cut virtually anything, from the most delicate single plies to tough, bonded composite materials.


Pathfinder’s installation procedure is fast and straightforward, with many happy Pathfinder customers commencing cutting on the same day as installation! Clever engineering and respect for our customer’s time and their need to maintain operational capacity mean that much of the configuration process occurs in our factory, not yours.

Ergonomic & Safe

Maintaining health and safety in the workplace not only prevents serious accidents but leads to happier, more productive employees and less absenteeism.

The M-Series’ ergonomic design ensures your employees don’t stand in awkward and uncomfortable positions to achieve the tasks they need to do. For example, maintenance points and consumables are easily accessed, the display console is adjustable, allowing the operator to view the cutting process from any angle while working and consideration is even given to whether an operator’s feet can get under the machine to retain correct posture and reduce fatigue.

Most importantly, the operator’s safety is assured with sensors that will immediately halt the cutting process if the operator tries to access the cutting bed during operation.

The M-Series by Pathfinder is designed for worry-free operation for the life of the machine with no hidden costs.

To learn more about how the M-Series multi-ply cutting machine can transform your business, watch the video, view the specifications or click on the button below.