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Fabric spreading solutions

Pathfinder Spreading Machines

To keep your business moving at top speed, Pathfinder manufactures and supplies a broad range of integrated material handling solutions, tailored to deliver impressive performance. The Fabric Pro and Fabric Master spreading machines are loaded with features to deliver impressive performance.

1 FabricMaster™ is semi-automatic allowing a single operator to spread fabric Face-up or Face-to-Face with precision and ease. The Fabric Master incorporates time saving features including: automatic sharpening; digital ply counter and electronic edge control.

2 FabricPro™ is a Fully Automatic Spreading Machine that can handle all kinds of fabric rolls up to 120kgs (264lbs). The cradle feeding system simplifies loading of rolls. Spreads are aligned with perfect edges and without tension.



High speed fabric delivery

Pathfinder FabricMaster allows a single operator to spread more fabric in less time!
The semi-automatic FabricMaster incorporates innovations not found even in more expensive fully automatic systems and will often out perform these systems.
Fabric and labour savings are achieved immediately with a rapid return on investment.

Cutting for profit

The cutter box cuts rapidly across the fabric and automatically returns. Waste is minimised by cutting square to the table. The automatic diamond sharpening system ensures that the knife is always sharp. Quickly switch between face-up and face-to-face spreading without removing the cutter.

Loaded with features and benefits to maximize profitability

  • Low purchase price and higher productivity compared to fully automatic systems
  • Save labour and time (one operator)
  • Compatible with most existing tables
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Face-up or Face-to-Face (optional catcher required)
  • Up to 60kg (132lb) roll weight capacity
  • Loading lever
  • Automatic cutting mechanism
  • Colour touch screen panel
  • Automatic blade sharpening
  • Modular control box
  • Ply counter (Count up/down)
  • Electronic edge control
  • Safe low voltage control system
  • Fixed fabric catcher


Easy Feeder

Tension Free Automatic Material Spreading

The FabricPro is a reliable and robust automated spreading solution for fabric rolls weighing up to 120kgs (264 lbs). Spread without tension and with perfect edge alignment.

Available in various widths to best suit your application. Widths up to 1800mm and 2200mm are available as standard. Other widths are available on request.

Fabric Pro Automated Spreader

Accurate spread length and edge alignment with effective operator utilisation is the key to optimizing your fabric spreading operation. The FabricPro will easily spread your lays to the desired spread lengths, minimizing fabric end loss and accurately aligns fabric edges.

For spreading fabrics from the roll or from flat folded packs, face-to-face spreading (zigzag) or face-up. Touch screen user interface is easy to learn and use enabling low skilled employees to spread lays and maximise your profits.


  • Spreads woven fabrics in roll or flat-folded form (Full Lycra)
  • Spreads knit fabrics in roll or flat-folded form (Full Lycra)
  • Spreads tubular knit fabric in roll or flat-folded form (Full Lycra)

LCD Touch Screen Display with PLC Unit

  • Simplified graphical display that is easy to learn and easy to train new operators
  • Stores 50 different fabric set up files for quick retrieval to accelerate future spreading jobs

Multi-function throttle enables the operator full control

  • Threading/Rewinding of fabric
  • Start/Stop of spreading with one hand

Operator platform

  • Allows operator to ride alongside the table

Cradle feed system provides:

  • Tension-free spreading even difficult fabrics
  • Eliminates use of a fabric roll bar

System Features:

  • Electronic edge control responsive to variable speed
  • Automatic stop with safety sensors in case of emergency
  • Multi length spreading modes
  • Automatic pre-centering of material beginning during threading
  • Variable speed control at forward/backward turns «Save Time»
  • No cloth stop function
  • Ply counter
  • Programmable lay length and end allowance settings