Pathfinder Material Handling Solutions

Spreading Solutions

Fabric Pro and Fabric Master range

When bulk spreading and high productivity is required, the fully automated Fabric Pro allows a single operator to spread most kinds of fabrics without tension and with perfect edge alignment.

The semi-automatic Fabric Master incorporates innovations not found even in more expensive fully automatic systems and will often out perform these systems.

Modular by design, the EasyLoader system can be configured to perfectly suit your manufacturing requirements and maximise profitability. Available in various widths and lengths to suit your material widths and available production floorspace.
Multiple EasyLoader’s configured in tandem allow uninterrupted spreading of fabric on the same ‘line’ while previously prepared material is delivered into the cutting system.

Conveyor Tables

EasyLoader range

Roll Feeding Devices

Easy Loader, Easy Feeder and Easy Dancer range

Pathfinder roll feeding solutions cover every application.

EasyLoader™ is a conveyorised table with roll feeding bars designed to deliver single to multi layer spreads into a Pathfinder cutting system.

EasyFeeder™ enables direct roll feeding/rewinding of material via a short conveyor system and is ideally suited to single-ply cutting operations requiring exacting control.

EasyDancer™ is an affordable roll feeding solution that allows for tension controlled feeding of loosely rolled or wrinkly fabrics.