Privacy Policy

1.            Introduction
In this Privacy Policy, the terms “Pathfinder”, “we”, “us” or “our” refer to Pathfinder Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 64 072 458 667).

We are committed to protecting personal information we collect from you in accordance with all legal requirements, including but not limited to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). The purpose of this Policy is to inform you about:

(a)          what personal information we collect from you;

(b)          how the personal information we collect from you is used;

(c)           to whom the personal information we collect from you may be disclosed;

(d)          how you can access and update personal information you have supplied to us; and

(e)          how to contact us about this Policy.

This Policy applies to personal information you provide to us in whatever manner you deal with us, whether by visiting our website, through engaging us to supply goods or services, or in any other dealing you have with us. We may specify additional terms to apply to information you disclose in relation to our performance of legal services for you and those additional terms supersede anything in this policy. For employees, any personal information we collect is dealt with pursuant to the terms of their employment agreement and is not subject to this policy.

2.            The information we collect
We collect personal information that is necessary for us to perform and provide our services to our customers, to develop and promote our services and to assist us with complying with all applicable legal and regulatory obligations and to operate our business generally.

The kinds of personal information we collect will depend upon the services we provide. The personal information collected may include any personal information you provide to us; such as your name, address (work, home or delivery), title or position, telephone numbers (work, home or mobile), email addresses, social media addresses, expertise and interests. For visitors to our websites, we may collect IP addresses associated with the computer(s) you use to access our website. We may supplement the personal information that you provide with other information that we obtain from our dealings with you or from third parties in providing legal services.

We also use cookies on our websites, small text files that are stored on your computer and allow us to identify you when you return to our website. We use cookies to keep track of your activity on our website and to better analyse traffic patterns at our website. We do not use them to track users’ activities other than on our website. Please note that third parties that provide information or services accessible through our website may also use their own cookies.

You are not required to disclose your name or other identifying information in order to visit our website, if you subscribe to any services we provide through our website we ask that you provide accurate and complete contact details. If you do not consent to our collection of personal information we may not be able to provide those services to you.

3.            Our use of your personal information
Personal information that we obtain will be recorded, used, disclosed and protected by us in accordance with this Policy. We will primarily use or disclose (or both) your personal information:

(a)          to provide our services;

(b)          to respond to a request or communicate with you (or both), to inform you of events we are holding and to provide you with articles or information regarding the industries we work in;

(c)           for record keeping  and administrative purposes;

(d)          to improve the quality of our services;

(e)          for the marketing of our goods and services to you;

(f)           to track activity on our website; or

(g)          for job applicants, to consider making offers of employment or for employment purposes.

When we collect personal information from you this will be for the primary purpose of providing goods and services. By providing personal information you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information for that purpose.

You may provide us with someone else’s personal information. Where you do, then we will accept that personal information on the basis that you have their authority or consent to provide us with their personal information.

4.            Disclosure of your information
In order to provide our services to you, we may engage third parties to carry out activities pursuant to our provision of services. These third parties may include our affiliates, sales and service representatives, shipping contractors, third party suppliers, agents and other service providers and third parties that are relevant to our provision of goods and services.

These third parties will have access to information needed to perform their function. By giving your personal information to us, you consent to us disclosing this personal information to third parties for any purpose related to purposes set out in this Policy.

5.            Direct marketing
We will use your relevant personal information for the purpose of marketing our services. If you do not want to receive marketing material from us, please contact us on the details set out at the end of this Policy.

6.            Disclosure of your information outside Australia
Depending on your location and the nature of the goods or services you express an interest in, we may disclose your personal information to entities overseas (for example, our affiliates, sales and service representatives, shipping contractors, third party suppliers, agents and other service providers) to provide goods and services to you and as allowed by this Policy. The countries to which such disclosures are made, and the nature of the personal information disclosed, will depend on the specific circumstances of our engagement and the nature of the goods and services you express an interest in.

These countries will have laws relating to the protection use and disclosure of personal information that are different from those that apply in Australia.

We may also store, process or back up your personal information on servers that are located overseas (including through third party service providers). Given the nature of how data is stored, either in the “cloud” or on third party servers located at multiple sites, it is not possible for us to advise you of the countries where your personal information may be stored.

7.            Security of information
All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that all personal information is treated confidentially, kept secure, protected against unauthorised use and is used or disclosed or both for the purpose for which it was collected.

Please be aware that the internet is not a secure environment and when you provide us with information over the internet you do so at your own risk.

8.            Access, review and deletion of personal information
In some cases, you have the right to access and review your personal information held by us, subject to exceptions provided by law, including our obligations to preserve information. Please direct all requests to the Privacy Officer in writing at the contact details below. We may charge a small fee towards the cost of administering any request you make.

All reasonable steps are taken to update the personal information we hold if the information is not accurate and complete. You may update your personal information by emailing us via the General Enquiry Form. Please include your name, address and/or email address when you contact us.

Should you wish to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy, or complaints about the use of your personal information, please contact the Privacy Officer by email via the General Enquiry Form. Alternatively, you can contact us at: Pathfinder Australia Pty Ltd, 12 Dib Court, Tullamarine, VIC 3043 Australia, Attention: The Privacy Officer.

Where you make a complaint and you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992 or via email at

9.            GDPR
Pathfinder offers goods and services to customers in EU countries and consequently is obliged to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation with respect to the personal information of residents of EU countries. If you are a resident of an EU country, then, in addition to the rights described elsewhere in this policy, and subject to the exceptions provided for in the GDPR, you may require us to delete the personal information we hold about you, or that we cease using it, if it is no longer required, if you withdraw your consent to our use of it or if you object to our processing of it. You may also require that we cease using your information where there is doubt over its accuracy.

Processing of personal information by Pathfinder is occasional and is not on a large scale. As such Pathfinder is not obliged to appoint a representative in the EU. All enquires relating to the processing of personal information and Pathfinder’s compliance with the GDPR, including any requests relating to the deletion or our ceasing to use your information should be addressed to the Privacy Officer at the details set out above.

10.         Changes to this Policy
This Policy may change from time to time. Accordingly we recommend that you check this page from time to time on our website in order to review the current policy.