Furniture cutting

Pathfinder is a specialist provider of high-quality solutions to the upholstered furniture industry. There is a pathfinder solution for any application with more than 25 models and a host of options.

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What to expect


Pathworks® allows manufacturer’s using Furniture cutting to easily digitise patterns, automatically create nested markers, generate plotter/cutter outputs and collaborate with colleagues around the world.


Pathfinder conveyorised cutters offer high precision cutting in Low-Ply (L-series) and Multi-Ply (M-Series) configurations with a cutting width ranging from 1800mm (71inches) to 3900mm (153 inches).


Pathfinder offers a range of tension-free, fully or semi-automated material spreading solutions for woven and knitted fabrics. When coupled with one or more conveyorised spreading tables manufacturers have limitless production capabilities.


Unique to Pathfinder, the Punchline machine is designed for use by manufacturers utilising Pathfinder automatic knife cutting technology. Perforated paper is often required as an underlay for stabilising material and transfer of spread materials.

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What our customers say

Prior to the purchase of the Pathfinder cutting system, we had been operating 2 other cutting systems. The Pathfinder system integrated directly with the existing CAD software and over a short time we decommissioned both of the other machines as the Pathfinder has proven to provide the cutting capacity required (in replacement of both machines) with an operational cost 10 times lower.

We would be pleased to recommend Pathfinder.

Ricky Cooper

IT Manager, Dunlop Living Ltd

I would say the machine has increased my capacity to cut precision goods at a high rate of speed by at least 30 – 50% over the old machine. I would recommend a Pathfinder to anyone that needs to cut quantity and quality.

If it wears out, which I can’t see that happening anytime soon, I would definitely buy another!

Tom Butz

Owner, Classic Cushions and Umbrellas

I recommend Pathfinder as a manufacturer of quality and truly innovative fabric cutting machines.

Bob Stride

Group General Manager, Morgan Furniture Int. Ltd.

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