Conveyor Tables

Material Handling solutions that work

The Pathfinder EasyLoader™ is a conveyorised table synchronised with the Pathfinder cutter, designed to increase productivity and profitability. Perfectly aligned spread fabric or sheets of material are delivered effortlessly into the cutting system, without any human intervention.

EasyLoaders are available in various widths to best suit your application. Widths at 2020mm and 2420mm are available as standard. Other widths are available on request.



Maximise your profits

The EasyLoader simplifies the delivery of rolled and multi layered spread materials onto the Pathfinder automatic cutting system.

Multi-layered Spreads

After a multi-layered spread has been completed, it is necessary to move the spread along the table so that part of the spread is within the cutting zone of the auto cutter. The EasyLoader has a conveyorised surface that transports the spread material onto the cutting machine, reducing labour requirements and ensuring the spread is perfectly aligned.

Rolled Materials

In some applications, cutting directly from a roll or multiple rolls would be more efficient than cutting multi-layered spreads. The EasyLoader roll feeding device option will enable direct single roll or multiple roll feeding perfectly synchronised with the Pathfinder cutting system.

Synchronisation (with Pathfinder automatic cutters)

Perfect synchronisation will deliver even a single layer of flexible material without stretching or distortion. The synchronisation feature within the Pathfinder cutter eliminates the traditional ‘dancer bar’ which would not be possible with high spread lays.

Save time and increase productivity:

  • Automatic delivery reduces the labour required to deliver the material to the cutter
  • The operator does not need to remove vacuum and re-position the spread material
  • Perfectly aligned edges reduces operator setup time for each job

Increase material yield:

  • Material is delivered perfectly parallel, which means the markers generated can be made wider

Minimal reject pieces:

  • When material is deliver parallel to the cutter misaligned pieces cutting into the selvage are eliminated